A light news week with rollercoaster De-SPAC action

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Interesting Stats of the Day:

The average return of De-SPACs (only common shares return from IPO) that completed their mergers YTD is now +7.7%.

On Aug 23rd, this number was at -6.3%.

The top performer, IronNet (which had 93% of shares redeemed prior to its merger closing on 8/26), is up 203% ($30.26).

While the bottom performer is Ensysce Biosciences at -71% ($2.95).

The Stats:

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The Deals:

None today

Tracking De-SPAC S-1s (PIPE Registrations):

  • Ginkgo Bioworks’ (DNA: $12.18 +6.65%) S-1 went effective

  • Helbiz (HLBZ: $17.69 +96.56%) filed its S-1/A

New S-1s:

None today.

Upcoming Dates:

Next Week’s Announced Shareholder Meetings, Unit Splits, Warrant Redemptions, and Expected Ticker Changes

Mon, Sep 20

  • Warrant Redemption: Stem (STEM) Redemption of Public Warrants

  • Expected Ticker Change:

    D8 Holdings Corp (DEH) → Vicarious Surgical (RBOT)

  • Unit Splits:

    Metals Acquisition Corp (MTAL-U)

    XPAC Acquisition Corp. (XPAX-U)

Tues, Sep 21

  • Merger Meeting: Fusion Acquisition (FUSE) & MoneyLion

  • Expected Ticker Change:

    TPG Pace Tech Opportunities (PACE: $11.16 +10.93%) → Nerdy (NRDY)

Wed, Sep 22

  • Merger Meetings:

    Union Acquisition Corp II (LATN) & Procaps

    Cerberus Telecom Acquisition Corp (CTAC) & KORE

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