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The Nightcap newsletter: SPAC Track’s nightly recap of the action in the SPAC world. (September 10, 2021)

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The average return among De-SPACs (common shares return from IPO) completed YTD is now 4.3%. Last Tuesday, that number was 2%, and the Monday prior to that, it was -6.3%.

On August 17th, only 24% of the De-SPACs that completed their mergers in 2021 were trading above their $10 IPO price. Since then, the number has risen to 41%.

The Stats:

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The Deals (1):

1) Golden Path Acquisition Corporation (GPCO, warrants +13.9%) & MC Hologram

  • Merger Partner Description:

    MC is an enterprise focusing on the R&D and application of holographic technology, which has been committed to providing the leading holographic technology services to customers. The company provides high-precision holographic LiDAR solutions based on holographic technology, and exclusive technical solution of holographic image, exclusive design of holographic LiDAR point cloud algorithms architecture design, holographic LiDAR sensor chip design and holographic vehicle intelligent vision technology to provide customers with reliable holographic ADAS services. The company also provides holographic digital twin technology services for industry customers, and has built the world's leading digital holographic digital twin service resource library. MC's holographic digital twin technology resource library has independent innovative holographic digital twin software, digital content, spatial data-driven data science, holographic digital cloud algorithm, and holographic 3D capture technology. MC believes that the digitization and data transformation of the world will continue to release huge operational efficiency and industrial value. MC's vision is to break the visual boundaries with holography, and to create the future with technology.

  • Valuation: $450M


  • Press Release

  • No Investor Presentation filed yet

Quick News Corner:

  • Qell Acquisition Corp. (QELL) shareholders approve its merger with Lillium

    • Closing is expected on 9/14, with ticker change to LILM expected on 9/15

    • Total proceeds were $584M, with 65% shares redeemed

  • D8 Holdings Corp. (DEH) and Vicarious Surgical announce $27M additional commitments for the PIPE, bringing the total to $142M

Tracking De-SPAC S-1s (PIPE Registrations):

  • S-1’s that went effective today:

  • Airspan Networks (MIMO: $8.90 -4.71%) filed its S-1

  • Tango Therapeutics (TNGX: $15.59 -0.57%) filed its S-1

New S-1s (4):

1) Berenson Acquisition Corp. I (BACA)

  • $250M, 1/2 warrant

  • Focus: Software or technology-enabled services sectors

  • Directors:

    David Panton (Co-founder of Navigation Capital Partners)

2) Black Mountain Acquisition Corp. (BMAC)

  • $200M, 1 warrant

  • Focus: Energy

3) Energem Corp (ENCP)

  • $100M, 1/2 warrant

  • Focus: Oil & Gas and Energy transition outside of China and Hong Kong

4) Super Plus Acquisition Corp (Ticker not available yet)

  • $50M, 1/2 warrant

  • Focus: Asia and North America

Upcoming Dates:

Next Week’s Announced Shareholder Meetings, Unit Splits, Warrant Redemptions, and Expected Ticker Changes

Mon, Sep 13

  • Unit Split: Belong Acquisition Corp. (BLNG-U)

Tues, Sep 14

  • Merger Meetings:

    Soaring Eagle Acquisition Corp. (SRNG) & Ginkgo Bioworks

    Atlas Crest Investment Corp. (ACIC) & Archer Aviation

    TPG Pace Tech Opportunities Corp. (PACE) & Nerdy

Wed, Sep 15

  • Merger Meetings:

    D8 Holdings Corp (DEH) & Vicarious Surgical

    Rotor Acquisition Corp. (ROT) & Sarcos Robotics

  • Expected Ticker Change:

    Qell Acquisition Corp. (QELL) --> Lilium (LILM)

Thurs, Sep 16

  • Merger Meetings:

    Cerberus Telecom Acquisition Corp (CTAC) & KORE

  • Expected Ticker Change:

    Rice Acquisition Corp. (RICE) --> Archaea Energy (LFG)

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